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Afacility that the Foras na use next year as they begin the next major dictionary project. Six new lives were publish on in July, with these people among them. Sorcha Conaill Mic Grianna, storyteller; Seosamh Ó Guarim, poet; Donald Caird, bishop. Caoimhin Ó Nualláin, writer; Nuala Nic Con Iomaire, writer; Donnchadh Ó Corráin, scholar. Six more are set to launch in the New Year. From a technological point of view , this year we realiz the value of the work that has been going on for a long time to move all the projects to the cloud. We were able to continue working, without interruption, even if we were on smaller screens and sitting on sofas rather than desks.

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Among other developments behind the Cyprus Phone Number List curtains, we work on the Developer Hub , which will provide access to the projects’ APIs and e, and we creat the open source project documental , a multilingual technical documentation platform. We continu our tradition of accepting work experience students from DCU (MA in Translation) and UCC (Law and Irish) courses. Daniel , Muireann and Darragh were working from the town but nevertheless they contribut a lot to the work and we are grateful to them. Our doctoral students are working with them on toponymy and folklore courses.

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Although we travel very little, a few things B2C Database relat to the projects were publish. A paper given at the Colm Cille L Lectures about Meithaal and Dú is available here . You will find a poster about Terminologue, shown in Vaasa, Finland in February, here . There is an article herein RTÉ Brainstorm about references to the Spanish Flu in the School Collection.  All details are correct for thDú has great advantages.

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