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All other categories, you can… put them in your written content. Create a product list Emb them in photos on your website Every time a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase on Amazon, you get a share of the sale according to the table above. Amazon automatically tracks all sales through tracking cookies plac on visitors’ web browsers . As mention, these cookies are valid for hours. Which means you only get paid if a visitor makes a purchase within a day. However, if the same visitor clicks your affiliate link again, the -hour window will reset.

Whats great is that Amazon provides

Detail affiliate report that tells you how many clicks did you send how many impressions your link has how many sales did you generate Which product did your visitor buy (this is invaluable for the next section) Here is a sample report from my Ecuador WhatsApp Number List account. Amazon Associates Report The commission you earn from the Amazon Associates affiliate program is paid approximately days after each calendar month after you refer a sale . You can receive funds by direct deposit, check, or Amazon gift card . Depending on the payment type, Amazon has different minimum payment amounts.

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Amazon Associates Minimum Payment Form us

Option (Deposit) USD Option (Gift Card) USD Option (Check) dollars Check Processing Fee dollars For example, if you request direct deposit or a gift card, you only ne to earn to receive your money . But if you want a paper check, you ne to make B2C Database first. In addition, there is a check processing fee . What is an Amazon Affiliate Store? Amazon Affiliate Store Example The overall strategy for this post is to create an Amazon affiliate store to make money and research the market for private label products to sell in the future . In other words, you will create product listings on your own online store website just like a normal e-commerce store.

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