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Then the marketing agency can create PR campaigns around, for example, reucing the consumption of raw materials during production, which took place as part of naturally occurring company processes anyway. All you have to do is identify the right message to show off in your social report. CSR areas and coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic has pose new challenges to entrepreneurs – different operating circumstances, the nee to reefine organizational goals and brand vision. Everyone had to face the new reality – both small, local enterprises and international giants.

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It was speculate that COVID-19 would negatively affect the development of individual brands. However, many companies have shown that something worthwhile can also be done in times of crisis. Lots of organizations are involve in the fight phone number list against the pandemic. From the very beginning, they selflessly help those who nee it. In particular, hospitals, ambulance stations, schools, local governments and nursing homes. Activities carrie out by enterprises can be include in the scope of CSR. The COVID-19 pandemic has reefine the approach of companies to CSR activities.

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The Business Is Scalable Or Not Development

It teste the sensitivity and attention of enterprises. It made them reflect on their values ​​and priorities that guide them on a daily basis. The crisis has strengthene the trend of corporate social responsibility. It was an impulse for change – for greater B2C Database involvement in social issues. He showe how important it is to support each other, help others, fight for important issues. The coronavirus pandemic has set new areas of CSR activities – aime at fighting the crisis and supporting people or groups in nee. Many enterprises offere financial assistance to the most neey entities (mainly health care) – for example, Bank Pekao donate PLN 5 million to hospitals.

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