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From link clicks. which is affect by the effectiveness of advertising Average Order Value (AOV) – Average Order Value is another key metric that compares individual ads to each Ad Group to see which group has a higher rate of advertising costs compar to clicks. Which will reflect what is good and what is not good that should be adjust. . Efficiency Metrics A measure of efficiency (Efficiency) of advertising purchases. consisting of Return on Investment (ROI) – A measure that everyone should know very well. Us to measure the value of sales versus the amount spent on advertising.

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Cost Per Lead Order (CPL CPO) – ROI alone may not Lebanon Phone Number List be the most obvious. It is therefore necessary to measure the cost of advertising per acquisition (CPL) or purchase (CPO) of each order. Value comes when the price is appropriate and reasonable. It doesn’t always have to be the lowest, which may ne to be compar to a variety of factors, such as the average type of business. target audience identification Lifetime Value (LTV) – The lifetime value of a customer who has the opportunity to click to purchase a product. That can be us to measure the results of how appropriate the use of advertising money is.

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All measurements must be test and adjust all the B2C Database time. Because in the world of Digital and Online Marketing, nothing is fix. And it depends on many variables, whether it’s business model, product model, target audience, competitors and many more. Share to friends Previous Get to know the Nine Price Quality Matrix and product pricing strategies. Next Get to know Impression Share, one of Paid Search advertising metrics FACEBOOK YOUTUBE CHANNEL PODCAST RECENT POSTS Characteristics of Informal Communication with internal communications.

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