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Not by a statue commemorating Heinrich Himmler, but by an indoor and outdoor. Exhibition call “Topography of Terror,” hous in a former SS office. We don’t ne statues of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco to remember their misdes. Precisely because the Spanish have not forgotten the Franco regime, the government of Pro S├ínchez decid to remove the remains of the Caudillo from his monumental tomb. It is only by desacralizing the Valley of the Fallen that this fascist. Monument could be erect in the realm of memory in a democratic society that does not forget.

For this reason it is deeply misleading

To equate our current anti-racist iconoclasm with. The intentionality of the ancient damnatio memoriae (condemnation of memory). In ancient Rome, this practice was intend to eliminate public commemorations of emperors or other personalities Belgium Phone Number List whose. Presence clash with the new rulers. They were to be forgotten. Erasing Leon Trotsky from official Soviet images under Stalinism was another form of damnatio memoriae , and inspiration for the work by George Orwell. Orwell wrote that in the fictional State of Oceania the past had been completely rewritten “Statues, inscriptions, memorial stones, street names, anything that might throw light on the past had been systematically alter.

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These examples are misleading comparisons

Because they refer to the erasure of the past by the powerful. Instead, anti-racist iconoclasm provocatively seeks to free the past from B2C Database its control, to “comb history against the grain,” by rethinking it from the point of view of the dominat and the vanquish, and not from the gaze of the victors. We know that our architectural and artistic heritage is burden with the legacy of oppression. As a famous aphorism by Walter Benjamin put it “There is no civilizing document that is not at the same time a document of barbarism.” Those who topple statues are not blind nihilists they do not want to destroy.

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