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Buying behaviors for you Buying behavior on a daily basis Buying behavior on a regular basis (Habitual) until it becomes a habit, usually occurs with products that are mostly related to daily life. Without the need to search for information or if information is needed, it takes just a little time. because the decision is quite fast in choosing a product Which, of course, comes from remembering that brand or that brand has something to do with yourself. the consumer itself Most of the products are inexpensive or can be said to be relatively cheap products.

This type of consumer

Therefore, there is no need to switch to other brand Nepal Phone Number List products because buying the same brand over and over until it becomes a habit, such as tissue paper, water, newspaper, bread . Complex buying behavior Complex buying behavior occurs when Consumers encounter expensive products or services. Therefore, it is necessary to take time to study the information both in product features and other matters before making a purchase decision. We will see consumers with this type of behavior reading product reviews and the benefits that they will receive from various channels.

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Likes to try new things

Or even consult friends, family or loved B2C Database ones to make decisions. Buying behavior to reduce anxiety This type of buying behavior is all about trying to cut out the headache of choice. By choosing to buy anything that is easy to find without having to research a lot of information Usually, this type of buying behavior, consumers tend to have about – brands in mind and will only choose these brands to compare and see which brands can meet their needs well. the most Both in terms of quality and price itself. . New buying behavior Variety Seeking or selecting multiple options even though they use that brand on a regular basis.

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