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Potential customers network. Of course, such a rubricator format is much more difficult to make than the follow example, which I found on Google images But it also makes more sense. Rubricator example In lectures, I have a favorite example of bad fast. Once I saw him at Leroy Merlin and I still cant get enough of it when I look at him. The post is bomb, just fantastic. He is so cool in his uselessness that its even good. What can the audience learn from the publication? What are screwdrivers in Leroy? That someth can be screw with a screwdriver? Honestly, even a neural network will make the post better now.

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I propose to transform a useless post-plug into a useful head, where through personal experience and trust in professionals, the necessary mols of technology will be promot. By the way, this is finitely necessary and useful, I can speak as the Greece Phone Number List target audience of this post. Fuck knows what to look for when choos a screwdriver. I usually try to take the second most expensive vice, because I finitely dont ne the most expensive one, but I want a cool contraption in my arsenal. Back to goals One of the dumbest ths in the world is the total monthly ERR KPI for all posts.

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We all do this all the time but this does

Not mean that it is so right and good. Now I try to promote the approach of a bunch of different KPIs. It seems that this complicates the work, but B2C Database now I will explain. What is the purpose of the rubric that I cit as an example on Leroy? Promote promotional products. Does it matter how many likes a post gets? Absolutely not. On the other hand, the more saves reposts a publication gets, the higher the coverage and the more people can take advantage of.

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