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Wouldn’t that make their lives easier? How many simple and repetitive questions do you get about shipping, returns and the like during the week? Why not automate these inquiries so that you save time, and not least that the customer gets an answer immeiately? how to use chatbot Collaboration between Kindly and the Moo Group Moo Gruppen are proud partners with Kindly. We have been truste to deliver Kindly’s chatbot to our customers. Kindly delivers one of the Nordic region’s best chatbot solutions and has in a short time gaine large Norwegian companies on the customer side. In collaboration with Kindly, we build your unique chatbot solution. Get starte now.

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We help you set up your chatbot! CONTACT US FOR A CHAT How does it work? kindly chatbot A chatbot from Kindly acts as a first line of China Phone Number List support. of answering, and if it does not understand the customer’s question, it will easily and neatly transfer you to a human via Kindly live chat. Kindly’s platform makes it easy for you to run customer service. You build the chatbot by building what we call “Dialogues”, which briefly explaine are topics that the chatbot should be able to answer. algorithms.

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Examples of how a question can be aske. Let us give you an example: If the customer has a question regarding shipping prices, the question can be aske in many ways. For example: What is the price for shipping? I wonder what the shipping costs B2C Database are Is shipping include? the goods transporte? How much does delivery cost? Is shipping expensive or not? We use these variations as examples for the chatbot, so that it can learn.

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