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If you work with a Magento supplier, you will receive both support and training in how the platform works. In addition, from scratch, with tailor-made solutions, extensions and plug-ins create to deliver B2B results. If you already have a Magento online store, you are probably intereste in knowing how you can improve the shopping experience for your customers. for this. Personalize recommendations Many B2C solutions work well in the B2B sector. Among other things, personalize recommendations.

Do you have many products and different

You will meet the customer where they are, through content that meets their nees. Product recommendations that are base on the customer’s previous purchases and searches save the customer time and make it easier for you to segment customer New Zealand Phone Number List groups in a seamless way. User-friendly shopping experiences Make the online store easy to handle. Do you have many products and different categories? Make it easy for the customer to filter by brand, function and price if you have this open. Do you sell products that belong together.

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Magneto gives you many options

Pre-package packages make it easy for the customer to make a complete purchase, while promoting upsells. Do you sell both products and services? Merge the training and the product, so the customer can buy both with a single click. b2b online shopping New B2B customers One of the reasons why B2B online shopping is a relatively new phenomenon is that B2C Database there has been a change in the customer group. Now more than half of B2B customers are part of the millennial generation – a generation that has become accustome to simple and seamless online transactions. To meet the nees of these new customers, elements from B2C trade must be use, while these must be adjuste to meet the nees of B2B customers. The two different customer groups have different nees, but want the same seamless and flexible solutions.

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