The good timesdevelop from the negativesand

For my blogit really annoys me that someone in Russia decides to send me all the email forms with a fake email address. When s occursyou have options. You can focus on the bad and make yourself miserableor you can actively seek solutions to your problems and improve your situation. Both consume the same amount of energy. Controlling your emotions takes a lot of practiceand I’m still not the best at it. But it’s important to get out of the bad and keep your head in the game. Living your life and running your business will have its ups and downs. You just have to take it easy.

Life is like a camera Focus on

The important thingscapture if things don’t work out – try again. camera This is probably one of my favorite quotes of all timeand I keep looking back at it whenever I’m at a crossroads in my life. Due to my personalityI am often carri away by new Italy WhatsApp Number List projects and  . For examplelast year I consider going back to work and getting a full-time job because I want to work on a largeteam-bas project again. I also consider starting a new software company with some friends in my area . But when I sat down to discuss this with my wifeI realiz that pursuing any of these would consume almost all of my time.

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Sometimes I forget what is important

I was remind that one of the main reasons we start all of our businesses was to spend more time with our family . So right nowmy focus is on my kids and B2C Database I’m really enjoying my time with them. In factnext season I’ll be coaching my daughter’s basketball team againand possibly volleyballand I want to take advantage of this age when they really want to hang out with me I have also learn to be more grateful for what I have.

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