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Constant CTAs can quickly become tiresome. No one wants to go into a store where the employees ask if you want to buy every minute, and of course this is also the case with online stores as well. Focus on the customer journey right through to the purchase, and help customers get where they want to go. You can then make suggestions for additional sales after the original sale has actually been made. 5. Personalization is the key to sales When a returning customer lands on your website, they don’t want to see the discount for new customers. This becomes reundant.

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At the same time, there are discounts for loyal customers, which new customers do not nee to see. Separate these and ensure personalization when customers visit you. Then there will be better harmony in their customer journey, so that the sale Denmark Phone Number List will be one step closer. 6. For centuries, marketers have use urgency to get customers to buy there and then. The big fear is always that the customers want to buy, but that they leave your online store and forget you or buy from others. To get customers to buy here and now, there are several good strategies.

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What sets you apart and promotes your brand

For example a discount such as “10% off for the next 10 minutes” is extremely effective in landing a sale. Of course, you can also sell different products B2C Database only within a couple of days or a week. marketing of your online store 7. Focus on storytelling Your story is often. only on the products and services that you sell in the online store. Try to tell a story in the sales process. This is how you can beat the biggest players, despite the fact that they probably have many other better conditions.

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