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Surnames register under 4 or more and not in the current version of the database, which was bas on statistics from 2017. are mostly register with the Central Statistics Office, and therefore, it is necessary to research to find the correct Irish forms of surnames. To that end, the new surname dictionary The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names of Ireland by Kay Muhr and Liam Ó Aisibéil, publish in 2021, was a great help . In many cases, there are multiple English forms referring to one surname in Irish. Foy , Fee , Hunt and Hunter are found as English versions of the Irish surname Ó Fiaich , for example.

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Fiaich was already in the Gaois surname database, but Saudi Arabia Phone Number List now additional English forms have been add. In other cases, one English form refers to different Irish surnames. in the case of the surname Bird . This English surname was us as a ‘translation’ of some Irish surnames. This happen because of similarities in sound between parts of the names and the Irish noun éan. Among those surnames are Mac an Deanaigh , Mac Conanoigh , Ó hÉannaÓ hÉannaí and Ó hEinaaghan.

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Bird is list as an English form of all those B2C Database surnames in the new version of the database. The database does not provide information regarding the ad or the genealogical or geographic origin of surnames. As a result, people who would like to find out the correct Irish form of their surname ne to do additional research in some cases. If your surname in English is McEntaggart , it can be safely assum that the correct Irish form is Mac an Tsagairt . Not all situations are so black and white, however. If your surname is King , for example.

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