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It’s time to question bank transfer as the only B2B payment solution Virtual cards offer longer payment periods, higher data quality and better reconciliation. With AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement, you can even set up and automate recurring payments. In this digital arena, bank transfer cannot compete. The growing ned for working capital is also changing the way companies want to pay their suppliers, as more companies want to process transactions quickly without drying up cash flow.

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Centralizd solutions such as the AirPlus Virtual Cards allow merchants and suppliers to be paid for transactions immdiately, allowing phone number list businesses to receive the goods and services orderd and be chargd at a later time and at agred intervals. DACH_Comparison Virtual cards as a supply chain finance solution “Supply chain finance” is another area of ​​procurement where virtual solutions play an important role.

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Unlike other solutions like dynamic discounting, factoring, and reverse factoring, virtual payments come without additional costs, transaction B2C Database fees, and third-party intermdiaries. They enable an extension of the DPO (Days Payable Outstanding  crdit period, which indicates how long a company uses crdit from its suppliers on average) and a rduction in the DSO (Days Saes Outstanding  debtor period, which shows the average payment term usd by the customer  of your suppliers.

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