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Description is the main source of the highlight. Text that appears below the results listing. Sometimes google fetches the meta description. Sometimes google does what it wants and puts the meta description it wants.  use the meta description we assign to it though it’s always good. A page description with keywords in the header. Keep it within characters. The header meta description can be of any length but search engines usually cut off highlight text after characters so it’s best to stay within these limits. In the absence of a meta description, search engines will automatically create highlight text by gathering data from.

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Other elements on the page. CTR Meta titles and meta descriptions. Among other factors, can positively or negatively affect CTR. CTR is calculat by India Phone Number List dividing the number of users who click on your search results by the number of impressions for users who search for a keyword. If we improve our meta titles and meta descriptions with phrases that appeal to our audience we can potentially increase our click-through rate and increase traffic to our site. meta title and meta description meta keywords some time ago they were more valuable but now they are no.

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Longer important for SEO mainly because. It is overus. link we already have in. Keywords and See link in Architecture class is essential. For any B2C Database project. The link structure of our website. Should reflect a certain hierarchy to. Maintain the best user experience.  important types of links through which we can optimize our on-page SEO. What are internal links Internal links link pages of our website to each other.  number of internal links pointing to each page of your website. The art of internal linking creates a coherent and user-center architecture. If you’re getting good results on a certain page on your site you can improve your results by linking to other pages you want to promote. Always link using keywords in the.

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