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Of social mia users Especially in Thailand, selling products or services made.  Through social mia platforms such as Facebook has advertisements in the form of Facebook Ads that reach more than . Of the target audience. It is consider Mass communication or wide communication on the social world. Mia that can reach the main population at the level of millions. Or more and every time a product or service is promot It is inevitable that it is a matter. Of communication between your customers and your business.

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Especially customers who are on the Israel Phone Number List social mia world increasingly ne spe in answering questions or solving problems. If it’s a good story, it’s a good thing that happens to the business, but if it’s a bad story from bad customer service. It quickly multiplies your dissatisfaction with your products, services, and your brand and business. And may affect the cribility between your business and other customers. That’s why you ne to focus on Customer Service as the top priority. And most of the time, and customers tend to talk or inquire about products or services via Facebook Messenger, Chat Bot, Live Chat channels, or may be typing comments and asking questions on the page of each Social Mia platform etc.

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Including ways to increase the efficiency B2C Database of Customer Service on the social mia world Customer Service is not just a channel to talk to customers in facilitating, providing information, answering questions, solving problems or expressing opinions only. But many times, Customer Service is also a way to increase sales as well. Let’s look at how to increase efficiency for the Customer Service team that has to take care of the channel through Social Mia. . Know who your customers are and through which channels you communicate.

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