Marketing of the century who is a marketer

If they are there and there are a lot of them, then everything is fine. If they dont, youre shit. BAD ADVERTISING Its not about ineffective, but about shitty. About the one that was the main character of the BOTTOM OF THE DAY column. About this one Whats wrong with bad advertising? In addition to using sexism, objectification, homophobia and other “jokes” in advertising – sign your own marketing impotence. Why do they do it? Coverage. Bad advertising, as a rule, attracts a lot of attention, they talk about it, write about it, discuss it.

We abstract from the corruption of creatives

The brandentrepreneur is very happy. Hurray, EVERYONE LEARNED ABOUT US. And then comes the disappointment. Sales may drop. I know such cases, even advised the guys. But the main problem is that if this action is one-time. Then everyone will quickly Vietnam WhatsApp Number List forget about it. I had hundreds of creatives of varying degrees of depravity. I wrote about such advertising. And I remembered only obsera major brands. And the rest? No. In the days of insta-hype cases, the guys from Belarus distinguished themselves with such creativity. There was a scandal. I remember this photo years later, because ofigel. Do I remember water.

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Heres my advice dont buy ads on the Forbes

Telegram channel. Drain money. Subscribe to quality articles about SMM in Telegram This article is a case of promotion in Telegram Ads through the OneSpot service. The author of the case is Alexey Pestov. OneSpot service was created on the basis B2C Database of Aitarget One. About what insights the guys collected during the rebranding, they themselves told in the article Next is the case, the text of the author. Hello My name is Alexey Pestov, Im a marketer and founder of P-digital advertising agency . We specialize in promoting projects in Telegram Ads and work with various business niches from real estate to thematic channels and media. In this case, I will tell you how we promoted the commodity business – a womens clothing store in Telegram. For three months of work from November  to early.

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