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We intend to hold a workshop on corpus courses towards the end of the. Year and this will be announc in due course. Part of the Monitoring Corpus and (interim) frequency lists will also be publish. From a technical point of view, we intend to hold a hackathon later. This year to bring together Irish language software developers and get them working on Irish language data. More information later. We intend to increase the membership of the Expert. Network and an awareness campaign will be held early in the new year to find. Experts in Irish who would be willing to answer the occasional question about terminology matters within their own fields.

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We will be teaching : a new module ‘FN568 Corpus Oman Phone Number List Research’ is being offer on the MA in Léann na Gaeilge, and undergraduate students of Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge also have modules on nomenclature, linguistics and terminology . We are looking forward to a few opportunities to present our research , in Brussels (at a conference on the loss of areas) and at the EAFT summit in Barcelona. Keep an eye on this blog, the newsletter and the various projects’ social mia for the latest news throughout the year.

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The words ‘community’ and ‘group’ come to B2C Database mind again and again when describing the latest project of the Gaois research team, which was launch at the beginning of the year. One of the main goals of Gaois is to make digital resources available to the public, but this project was once again special because it is a collaboration with a specific community, a community that has spent years collecting materials and information in its own area. The Enterprising Women of Arran have been working hand in hand for more than two decades to collect folkloric materialfrom.

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