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On a regular basis. My verdict is not so far. The neural network is ideal for finding ideas, and in different niches. You can even create interiors. But replacing a designer right now is definitely not an option for most businesses. Not to mention changing the photographer. What about other neural networks? I looked at other grids a dozen or two, everything is not even close to the level of creativity and detail considered. VERY lacking now is the possibility of normal integration of their images, logos. And most importantly – simple and convenient work with edits to the resulting picture. An example from practice. The first picture looks like what I wanted. But instead of the letters DN, here, for some reason, SD.

What does typical marketing

If it were possible to simply write “replace the letters” – designers could now look for a new job. This is a summary of the results of using hours of the algorithm. There is always a possibility that I just didnt understand the settings to Dominican Republic Phone Number List the end, although I read about a dozen manuals on settings, properties and the logic of writing text. By the way, they are united by uncertainty in work. That is, yes, something, such as the weight of a parameter, really affects, but commas or word order … It seems to be yes, but how and what exactly, who will analyze it there.

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Key insights in b2b marketing

A few tips for those who are just learning midjourney and want to experiment. . Too detailed tasks are not needed. A few words are enough to B2C Database describe the concept. For example above “lego pacman eats internet D k minimalistic background ” . I contradict myself, right? But the second half of the text I underlined it sets the display parameters. D – everything is clear here. K I like to add to increase the detail. minimalistic background removes unnecessary details from the background. I wanted to do a cover for a podcast and it would be.

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