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Also participat in politics. . In the case of Chile, intellectuals and academics who return to their country after exile form the Coalition of Parties for Democracy .Argentina, a country in which the intellectual elite historically had fewer ties to politics – unlike Mexico, for example – intellectuals participat actively in politics, but mainly as consultants. President Raúl Alfonsín, for example, surround himself with at least two important groups of thinkers. The first was that of the so-call “philosophers”, made up of Carlos Santiago Nino, Jaime Malamud Goti and Martín Farrell. It was a group from.

The Argentine Society of Analytical Philosophy

One of the institutions of “the catacombs” during the dictatorship specializ in ethics and law. Since his candidacy, Alfonsín summon them to design the creation of the National Commission for the Disappearance of Persons (Conadep) and the Slovenia WhatsApp Number List process of prosecuting the military junta. The closeness between this group Slovenia WhatsApp Number List and the president was very close and an important testimony of this relationship can be found in Nino’s book Juicio al Mal Absoluto . The other important group that surround Alfonsín in the early years of his presidency was the Grupo Esmeralda, made up of political scientists and sociologists who contribut, above all, to the government’s discursive strategy. From the meetings with the Grupo Esmeralda, a fundamental document of Alfonsinism emerg.

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The Parque Norte speech written by Juan

Carlos Portantiero, Sergio Bufano and Emilio de Ípola. In the words of Gerardo Aboy Carlés , it is the most important document of the Alfonsín government. The speech propos as a main idea that material and ethical modernization were two sides of the B2C Database same coin, only possible within the liberal-democratic soil. The consensus on the ne to adopt a democratic and anti-authoritarian discourse was so great that even the intellectuals who were ideologically oppos to those who promot this new post-Marxist socialism adopt a similar language. In Argentina, for example, Horacio González has said that in the Peronist magazine Unidos.

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