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Including me, until very recently!), it there is a significant difference between the number of people who register with an email list (2,531 people in this case) and the number of people opening the same emails. According to my latest figures, we have about 900 ‘unique’ readers, that is about 900 people who open the emails every week, or 35% of the total list. We are very happy with that percentage because the average open rate around the world is between 15-25%.

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I was completely blind to these matters when Cameroon Phone Number List I was put in charge of the newsletter at the beginning of 2019, but I’m not asham to say now that I spend a lot of time (too much, maybe!) looking at the statistics every week , and it always makes me wonder where in the world our readers are. At first I didn’t believe, for example, that there were more ‘unique’ readers living outside Ireland than there are in Ireland itself! Firstly, we will look at the statistics relating to the ‘unique opens’ of the emails (unique open = an individual who opens an email) over a period of four weeks*. that almost half of the readers of the Projects Newsletter are in the Unit States.

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This blog post contains both a description B2C Database and a stroll through the Corpus na Gaeilge Comhwheide (CGC) which provides an overview of the contents of the corpus and the ways in which it can be search. CGC currently contains 33.5 million words, and continues to grow as new content is add from the publications and publishers who have generously shar their work with us. CGC has been compil since 2015; don’t miss the first blog post about him here , . It was a bare text corpus until a year ago.

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