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Especially if I have bad intentions. Subscribe to quality articles about SMM in Telegram The new law was adopt by the lower house of parliament, then the Senate must approve, but, almost guarante, it will be approv there. The bill consists of several parts. Who is a blogger who must comply with the law? This is someone who uses their reputation to share content that promotes a product or service in exchange for money or material gain. . Such bloggers will be requir to disclose whether they use photoshop or other services to correct the appearance of their content . This mention must be permanently visible on the photo or vio itself. VERY interest to see how this will be test.

There will be a ban on advertis from bloggers

For cosmetic surgery, financial products and services includ cryptocurrencies and burnt products. . When advertis bets, gambl and just games that can Italy Phone Number List be consir as gambl or bets, you will ne to add a risk warn like on cigarettes, relatively speak . If they are promot ucation, they will have to name the teach company behind it strange, I thought everyone always says who teaches anyway . All advertisements must be mark as advertisements. If this is not the case, then the consequences are serious a fine of up to , euros and up to months in prison.

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How it is necessary to mark advertiz

Did not unrstand. But ERIR seem to be loom against the French background. Again, I wonr who these rules will apply to? On French bloggers? And B2C Database who is it? Someone who lives in France? With the citizenship of the country or is the territorial factor important? The one who just has a French audience? Laws on the Internet are always “strange”, because the boundaries of their distribution are not clear.

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