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No I honestly tried to remember. Will I remember this ad if I see the brand? There is a possibility. That is, how does the “one-time obser” work? I dont remember you, but if I see you, Ill remember that you crap yourself. I dont know how to explain it easier, in French, sorry. It turns out that when the director comes up with an ingenious advertisement that will.

Amaze everyone The simply goes from

Bridge builder” to  well, you remember the joke. And what to do? DO NOT MAKE BAD ADVERTISING. Or do it regularly. I dont like to admit it, but shitting regularly = works. Here is YobiDoyobi delivery. Everything I know about them, I learned against my will. But why do we at least I remember them with shitty advertising, but not others? Because Ghana WhatsApp Number List they do such ads all the time. February we managed to get the first sales, more than a million views and the cost of a subscriber is on average  lower than from advertising integrations in the fashion brand category. About brand Nude Story Nude Story is a Moscow-based womens clothing brand founded in  by Alina Kamalova. For nine years of operation, the company has opened two sewing workshops and four retail stores in Moscow.

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Petersburg and Kazan The range includes

Basics, jeans, outerwear, leather goods, underwear and accessories. The brand also releases capsule collections for every season of the year. how to promote brands in Telegram Ads The company maintains a Telegram channel of the same name to promote new B2C Database collections, attract potential buyers and form a community of fashion lovers. promotion of goods in. Lets go back to the obser example. Im sorry, but I dont have any others today. Screwed up in public once. You will be forgotten, but when they meet you, they will remember what you put in your pants. Every day you will go to the main square and do your pants. Oooh, you will be remembered. That is, if you already choose the path of “hype and provocation”, then you need to do this regularly and constantly.

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