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Can break sometimes, but most services will give you this for free . Which platform is more scalable? Both carts are equally scalable, and there are many large stores running on both platforms. But Shopify’s scalability is seamless and buttons, which makes it an excellent solution for this department. Winner Shopify WooCommerce vs Shopify – which cart has better support? Customer Support Support is often the deciding factor when deciding between WooCommerce or Shopify . Eventually, you’ll get stuck and you’ll wonder who to turn to for help. Shopify Support Because you pay Shopify a monthly fee, they provide you with customer support via live chat, phone, and email.

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Pressing issue, you can tag . Plus, Shopify University is a great resource for best practices and how to start selling the right way . If you ne a developer, Shopify offers a directory of pre-vett freelancers call “Shopify Experts” that you can hire at your Namibia WhatsApp Number List own expense. But keep in mind that Shopify only supports their core products . They will not help you debug plugins or any conflicts that may exist between plugins. In other words, Shopify does not provide support for any third-party apps or themes or anything they don’t own. WooCommerce Support Since WooCommerce is free, you don’t get any technical support right away.

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Therefore, by default, you cannot make calls to the live chat or phone line. However, you can find a lot of help on your own by browsing the WordPress forums or visiting various WordPress user groups. When I design, I mainly reli on the  B2C DatabaseWooCommerce forums , which were sufficient for my nes. If you ne developers, you can find thousands of people specializing in WordPress and WooCommerce development on the Upwork or WooCommerce sites.

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