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Likewise it publish a photographic report on the role of the Special and Prevention Troops of the FAR in prevent the spread of the virus. Young people as young as years old say they feel prepar to make the population aware of the necessary measures to avoid contagion. These young people are do compulsory military service. Some of the responses receiv to our survey affirm that the presence of the military is less than in other emergencies, such as what happen two years ago with the hurricanes, when the Army chiefs direct the operations.

They assure us that although lower

Rank officials are report in various regions of the country, the central learship of government actions is in the hands of the Ministry of Public Health. Cuba is distuish from most Latin American countries because its Arm Forces have not been involv in human South Korea Phone Number List rights violations and maintain a high level of popularity. However, there is a critical look towards the high commandof the FAR for consir them the owners of the economy, especially for their almost exclusive management of the tourism sector. The social classes that the Revolution tri to erase from the Cuban map are well fin in one of its most emblematic institutions the high command.

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The FAR have become capitalist businessmen

The middle and low command (even more so the soldiers who perform the service military) represent the Cuban people. It is important to make B2C Database this distinction in orr to cipher the opinions of the interviewees and official and inpennt publications about the role of the Arm Forces dur this panmic. In many countries, the Arm Forces were summon by the governments to intervene in different actions of health, control, fe poor populations, stopp borrs. While in consolidat mocracies these tasks are suppos to be temporary and when the forces withdraw they do not gain political space.

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