Balance 2023 in ‘Refreshing Business’: the explosion!

Last Year at This Point I Was Beginning to Recover from. Some Very Very Screwed Up Months of Lack of Projects and Billing and I Have to .Say That the Change from 2022 to 2023 Has Been Radical, 180º, from Black to. White, from Calatrava to Brad Pitt …Well, However You Want to Put It. This Year Has Been an Absolute Explosion in My Business , to the Point of Reaching. Turnover Levels That, I Hope I’m Wrong, Will Be Difficult to Overcome. Specifically, in 2023 I Have Reached Almost €63,000 in Turnover (A Monthly Average of €5,250 ). for a Sole Proprietor Like Me, This Is Something That I Would Have Never Dreamed of Achieving as a Freelancer, with Services .Also Being My Main Source of Income (I Don’t Do 7-Figure Launches, My Friend!) .I’m Not Saying That They Are Difficult to Overcome Because.

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Refrescando Negocios Does Not Have the Capacity to Grow, What Happens Is That My Current Business Model, in Which I Prioritize Working as a Solopreneur as Much as Possible (I Do Not Have nor Do I Want Employees), Is Not Completely Scalable, Unless You Are Firmly Committed to Training. the Only Way for Refrescando Negocios to Continue on This Path Is to Rely on 3 Pillars: Achieve Larger Projects And, Therefore, Higher Costs. Continue with the Growth of Web Page Renting. Commit Again to Training , Something I Will Tell You About Below. on the Other Hand, I Can Tell You That I Have Also Managed to Reduce My Expenses, Which Have Been 26.74% with Respect to Income, While in 2022 They Were 30.66%.

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This Is Important That You Take into Account, Because You Can Bill 1,000,000 Euros, Which If the Expenses Are 800,000, Well You See… Let’s Get Down to Business…in the Balance of 2022 , I Set Several Goals for Myself, Knowing That Some of Them Would Die Along the Way, as Is Classic for Me. These Were My Goals for This Year (In Green Those Achieved, in Red Those Not Achieved and in Orange Those Reached, but Not “Sunk”): Promote the Entry of Clients into the ‘Web Page Rental’ Service. Continue Selling ‘Your Website, Juan Palomo Style’. Relaunch My ‘Emprende Web’ Course, Giving It a Spin and Redefining Some Things. Boost the Capture of Leads on Twitter. Work Prospecting on Linkedin. Continue Publishing on the Blog, Especially Affiliate Content. I Put the Youtube Thing to Remember It, Although I Don’t Know



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