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Text bh and dh which are silent, e.g. garrdha > garri . In addition, a long extension should be insert into certain words, e.g. baistach > rA new version of the Wisdom website was recently launch. In this blog post, we will provide information on the aspects of the site that have chang and some of the new facilities that have been made available. We hope that both regular users, new users and our project partners will benefit from the results of this work. Purpose of the site Any website is a product of the context in which it is creat.

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The site was creat in 2014 to publish Dominican Republic Phone Number List resources develop by FIONTAR staff, a teaching and research center at Dublin resources were spin-offs from other projects— Corpas na Gaeilge Comhwheide , for example, which arose from the group’s work in the field of terminology—or the work of individual key researchers as in the Collection of Sayings of Father Piar Ó Laoghaire . Since then, the amount of corpus and terminology data available on the site has grown significantly and additional resources have been add. Gaois’ research group came there and was nest in a new interdisciplinary school, namely,Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge, DCU since 2017.

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The new Gaois site mirrors these changes. It is B2C Database an information center for the work of the Gaois research group. The portfolio of projects the research group is involv with is list on the site’s home page . This is where information about the group is available and a list of publications relat to the group’s work. You are currently reading Gaois’s blog ! The language and research resources on the site are in a fresh order and layout. There are now separate sections for the corpus resources and the terminology resources.

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