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Scope Each brand develops products and services to meet the nes of consumers. with the aim of getting customers to come back and become loyal customers Customer Experience Marketing LEAVE A REPLY Your email address will not be publish. Requir fields are mark * comment Building a good website will help your business stand out online. That results in more website traffic and more opportunities for your business. There are many types of websites and various purposes. You ne to know the type of business you are doing and the purpose of the website.

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What will you do it for and who is your Kenya Phone Number List target audience? But there is one more thing that you should understand before designing a website for your business. That’s the type of website. Because understanding how many types of websites and each type Which type of business is suitable for each type? What is each type of use and purpose? It will help you plan your website design appropriately and better. In this article, we are going to get to know the types of websites that are commonly seen today. What’s next? Get to know types of websites Each type of website has a different purpose.

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Each type will have a unique identity B2C Database as follows. . E-Commerce Website E-Commerce is a type of website whose purpose is to sell products directly. We will see product details. various promotions, beautiful pictures, with outstanding layouts There are online catalogs to choose from. E-Commerce websites will have one distinctive feature, that is, you can order products directly through that website. because the website has a full ordering system both online payment have a shopping cart There is a status of the product. and can also connect to the transportation system.

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