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Content and profiles on Instagram (and other social networks) that we plan to do next. There are many interesting questions that simply do not have answers yet, and the guys from Livune have both the opportunity, the data, and the desire to do this. And me to bother with requests 🙂 We want to understand how account activity changes in content creation. Posts only, no Stories (unfortunately, we can’t upload them yet). Methodology: All averages are count at the mian. This made it possible to exclude both the most. Kill accounts without coverage and engagement, as well as profiles that constantly give money to the phone for the sake of engagement.

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Only post types were taken into account: image, video (including IGTV), carousel. Likes and comments receiv from advertising promotion were not taken into account. The number Bulk SMS Jordan of subscribers in accounts is taken as of November , . How Instagram posting has chang Distribution of the studi groups by subscribers. Bursts an increase in the sample of groups i.e. Initially, the difference between the groups was subscribers, then , , etc. How many posts were publish b. Different accounts on average per year: The graph shows the number of posts publish for the period. Two conclusions can be drawn: The larger the account, the more content it posts Accounts under , followers in start posting more Accounts with more than , subscribers publish less compar to.

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Change in the number of publications in relative to. In August , Instagram introduc the Reels.. Format and is actively promoting it. But it still does not give data about such posts through the. Official API, so data about them was not taken into account. If you take this into account, then the number of posts (including Reels) in could B2C Database be higher in all groups. How activity changes in different groups of accounts over the year. Let’s start with the comments. The graph shows the average number of comments.

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