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The group of intellectuals gather around the Punto de Vista magazine , found by Beatriz Sarlo, Carlos Altamirano and Ricardo Piglia in , began to thematize the theme of defeat in similar terms. Already in democracy, Beatriz Sarlo wrote an emblematic essay in that magazine, Intellectuals, split or mimesis? , where she highlight the theme of the failure of the idea of ​​revolution and the reckoning with the violent past of the left, to which she and her companions had belong. The relationship between these two magazines was so fluid during the last years of the dictatorship that when.

The Argentines of Controversiareturn to

The country once the transition began, two of its members, José Aricó and Juan Carlos Portantiero, join the itorial board of Punto de Vista . The flip side of the new rejection of violence and authoritarianism was the revaluation of republican democracy and, with it, the vindication of certain values ​​stemming from liberalism. The new binomial of the eighties was Senegal WhatsApp Number List consolidat if before the «liberation versus dependency» formula had prevail, now the main dichotomy was reflect in the binomial «democracy versus authoritarianism» . Intellectuals began to think of democracy no longer as bourgeois, but through the liberal lens democracy was now a set of rules that guarante freom (and thereby prevent authoritarianism) and a plurality of opinions. Portantiero, in his emblematic text.

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Democracy and socialism a difficult relationship

Argu that “socialism could not do without the cultural and political accumulation that certain acquisitions of liberalism imply” and invit both notions to be B2C Database combin in a new political thought. For Portantiero, as for his colleagues, democracy was now the minimum floor for any discussion about social equality, because it guarante a series of freoms that were essential freom of the press, individual guarantees, and plurality of opinions. In Argentina, another fundamental institution of the time.

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