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Tell a story Storytelling or storytelling is the best way to connect with audiences. And the story can be told through the presentation of sorrow, happiness, longing, fear and excitement. You also ne to make the story relevant to those target audiences. . Building the driving force of the community One of the things that drives a business. With Emotional Marketing is doing something good for the community or the world. For example, TOMS is a brand with a business mindset that drives. A community of underprivileg children and creates an emotional impact across the globe.

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When you buy a pair of shoes, TOMS donates Qatar Phone Numbers List a pair to the homeless. Wear But not only that, TOMS has also expand the giving community to a One Day Without Shoes campaign where anyone can donate shoes without buying TOMS gold shoes by taking a picture of bare feet and posting it on social mia. social mia and stick to #OnayWithoutShoes that generates good driving force toms-one-day-without-shoes Source: Causemarketing . Inspire the Impossible One’s emotions are greatly activat when fac with an inspirational story. Especially inspiration that supports making the impossible possible.

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This can be seen from campaigns that have emotional influences B2C Database that connect feelings of fun, excitement, and challenges in campaign communication. Some of the more familiar and familiar ones are the “R Bull Gives You Wings” or “Nike – Just Do It” campaigns. These campaigns inspire people to push their limits and do the impossible. made possible It recreates hope and pushes people to focus again. Emotional Marketing present in this article is a concept that nes to be appli to create a marketing campaign to bring out the presentation concept to attract the emotions of the people and the brand’s target audience. Which, if any brand can apply the concept of.

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