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That us to sell in department stores, standalone stores or offline sales. Turn to create an E-Commerce type of website until it generates enormous income for the business, for example, Nike, Adidas, Vivo, NaRaYa, etc. E-Commerce type of website will have a special ne to focus on that is. Ease of use is not complicat. Easy shopping process maximum security There is a system to confirm the purchase of products. There is a customer service team (Customer Service) Link that must have both online channels. Social mia and offline and open to many payment channels, etc., to create a good experience for customers ( E-Commerce websites may have business information as a Business Website as well.

Businesses that make both

E-Commerce WebsiteNaRaYa Venezuela Phone Number List Source: NaRaYa . Business Website Business Website or sometimes call Corporate Website , which is a website for every business to promote their business in every dimension. since history Organizational structure, teamwork, products, services, activities, news, interesting articles, etc. The Business Website nes to provide useful information that is complete, easy to read and understand because the Business WebsiteIt is the home page of your business online. Customers or interest people want to know who you are.

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Business Website and E-Commerce

What products or services are you B2C Database selling? What are its benefits and advantages? You will type in Google, which will then link to your website. And that also nes to be laid out and divid into beautiful, easy-to-use proportions. Write content in a language that is easy to understand. There are complete addresses and channels for contacting inquiries. There are many examples of this type of website such as Bangkok University, SCG, PTT and other businesses. Business Website does not aim to sell E-Commerce Website products because most of them focus on introducing businesses and creating a good image for the business But there are some.

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