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Monetize your audience with your own brand merchandise . Designers who want to diffuse their art . Print on Demand vs. Import from China shirt The only downside to using a print-on-demand company is the cost. Since you’re not buying in bulk, the profit margins will be much lower than buying directly from a Chinese factory. For example, importing print T-shirts from China could cost you anywhere from cents to per shirt, depending on the quality . However, the cost of an equivalent quality shirt from a print-on-demand company will set you back to per piece . So when you use a print-on-demand company to make a decent profit, you have to charge more for your product.

If you know one of your designs will sell

Large numbers, it’s always more economical to mass-produce them overseas. But if you’re just starting out and testing the waters , print-on-demand is your New Zealand WhatsApp Number List best bet. Currently, Printful and Printify are the two leading print-on-demand companies in the space , and they operate very differently. How does Printful work? print matter Printful manufactures and manufactures in-house and has distribution centers in the US, Mexico and Europe. As a result, they can ensure consistent quality across all facilities because they control the entire supply chain. Getting start with Printful is very easy and they do a great job with the onboarding process.

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With just few clicks you can connect

Shopify BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or almost any popular shopping cart to their website. By connecting your shopping cart directly to Printful, all incoming orders will be automatically sent and process upon purchase. Once the integration B2C Database is complete, you can log into your Printful account and use their mockup generator to create your product. Printful Mockup Generator Basically, a mockup generator is a graphic design tool that allows you to create your own custom products on their website. For example, if you want to design a custom mug for sale.

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