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We have to see the degradation of higher ucation as our problem. our freom of expression and our right to teach the classes we want to teach. We have to see the degradation of higher ucation as our problem. Given the challenges we face, as citizens, societies, and species, what should be the mission and purpose of critical theory? How could he shape current social struggles, and how can those same struggles remain open to learning from his ideas? Critical theory, as I understand it, is any theoretical work that does not take existing power relations—social, economic.

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Them as contingent, historical, and malleable. Its task is to diagnose the dangers and harms of those powers, and to describe the possibilities inherent in these powers that could take us elsewhere. It is very tempting in critical theory circles, myself includ, to talk amongst ourselves. We have read more or less the same books, we have the same fundamentals Qatar WhatsApp Number List and we are guid by the same stars. It is tempting, as it is in all academic niches, to remain within that linguistic and disciplinary order, but it is very important for us to get out of it. We ne to do this so we can better think about what students, those for whom we would write and teach, might ne to learn or know in order to have an effect on this world. It is also important not to stay.

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Most of the traditions of political theory that we have inherit, including critical theory, contain at their core masculinism, the white question, colonialism B2C Database and, above all, anthropocentrism, which they have l us to our current dilemmas with racism, with the planetary crisis, with democracy and with gender, which always remains a secondary consideration. We ne to have deep encounters with the works and movements that push against these things in order to detach ourselves from those traditions.

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