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In weak mocracies and autocratic regimes this does not happen. The state of emergency cre in several nations strengthens military power. The mical missions that the government has sent abroad are sometimes confus with the FAR. An article on France I remember that Fil Castro assur in that no health professional would be a political bishop of his government around the world. “Our doctors will not mix in matters of internal politics in the slightest. They will be absolutely respectful of the laws, traditions and customs of the countries where they work. Their mission is not to propagate iologies.

It is difficult to verify if all the members

Of the mical brigas are simultaneously active members of the FAR. Last June, a doctor from the mission in Andorra, an Army captain, left the mission just before return to Cuba. He is suppos to have appli for asylum in Spain, but there is no information Spain Phone Number List in the mia about his whereabouts. The doctor was an active member of the FAR and head of the mission. Although the measures adopt in Cuba respond to an emergency situation and are similar to those agre upon by many other countries, there is a legal vacuum regard regulat the participation of the FAR, and there is a tradition.

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The regime adjust its policies with

The help of of some Arm Forces select for their loyalty to the Revolution. From the answers we receiv and the monitor of social networks, both the B2C Database FAR and covid- do not seem to be the most important concerns of the public. The specter of the return to the so-call Special Period that follow the fall of the “socialist bloc” is what most worries Cubans. Likewise, in the midst of the panmic, the State Security persecution against inpennt journalists or artists continues, reinforc the hypothesis that the information is not public and is controll. Accord to data from the Cuban Human Rights Observatory.

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