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The multilingual EuroVoc thesaurus . The thesaurus covers the activities of the European Union in 24 EU languages ​​as well as 3 languages ​​from candidate countries, and is us by EU institutions, governments in Europe, and users worldwide. The www.terminologue.org system is going from strength to strength with new users from all over the world coming on board. The system will be us in the classroom again this year as Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge students undertake a module in terminology. The interface is now available in nine languages ​​and more are on the way this year.

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Content will be add to Gaois corpora over Colombia Phone Number List time and a date filter will be add to each corpora soon. In addition to this, we hope to add to the search and coordination functions of the Contemporary Irish Corpus in the second half of the year, depending on resources. itorial work will continue in Logainm, and we will launch a brand new version of the database and site (and the Logainm.ie Team) in the second half of the year. As part of this work, the handling of geospatial data will be improv, and the end user experience will be better accordingly.

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New lives will be publish on Ainm during B2C Database the year, as well as new anthologies due to placename researchers. As for Dúchas , we will continue to publish material from the Main Collection on a quarterly basis (information about the first batch of 2021 here ), and we will be working on preparing audio material for publication. The Consortium will also be expand significantly. It is not known whether the postpon conferences will be held this year, but we are preparing material for Corpus Linguistics in Limerick and Euralex in Alexandroupoli, Greece, among other events. A few students will also be with.

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