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Magnets on your website for free ebooks in exchange for customer emails. Once that customer downloads the ebook, the form becomes rundant, and there’s no point in showing it to the same visitor again. Other email providers like ConvertKit allow you to display a different signup form if the customer has opt in. By showing opt-in users a completely different subscription form, you can offer different magnets and try to get phone numbers or Facebook Messenger subscribers. The ability to dynamically change opt-in forms on your website is invaluable if you want other forms of customer contact information than email.

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When the number of subscribers is high money As shown in the previous table, once the number of subscribers exces a certain number, the price of Klaviyo can become very expensive . Now, when you’re just starting out, Klaviyo is relatively cheap, only a little more . But Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List once your subscriber list starts to grow, things get expensive. But you have to remember that Klaviyo is design to do one thing, increase your e-commerce sales. As I mention earlier, Klaviyo accounts for of my e-commerce store sales . Therefore, Klaviyo will make you many times more money than you cost. Having said that, Klaviyo simply isn’t worth the price of blogging, and there are better, cheaper solutions for content creators like ConvertKit.

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Expensive than other providers

Is Klaviyo Right for Your Ecommerce Store? For ecommerce stores, Klaviyo is fast becoming the industry standard for email marketing . Since Klaviyo is so popular, it integrates with almost every shopping cart and rd party e-commerce service B2C Database available . The onboarding process is quick and easy, and customer support is reliable. Basically, you can’t go wrong choosing Klaviyo as your ecommerce store email provider. The only downside to Klaviyo is that it lacks good subscriber tagging and blogging features.

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