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Rostov-on-Don. Contact method: phone The preferr method of communication is TG and VK. Nick in Telegram – 。 Don’t answer like this in an interview or when submitting a resume Professional Skills Here you should list the key resume specialist skills that you possess that are important for working in this field. What can be indicat: : experience with popular social networks; ability to create and manage business accounts in social networks; knowlge of the features and capabilities of various platforms. Content strategy.

Social platform management

An content marketing: development and Estonia Phone Number List implementation of content strategies for social networks; creating compelling content that engages the audience;  to determine the most effective content. Advertising in social networks: creation of advertising projects; management of advertising campaigns in social networks; target advertising management; Experience with advertising tools advertising budget control; writing advertising texts; analysis of the results of advertising campaigns and optimization to achieve maximum efficiency. Analytics and reporting: collection and analysis of data from social networks.

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The ability to use tools and analytics

Evaluation of the effectiveness of. Strategies and B2C Database campaigns; analysis. Of key queries; analysis of the competitive. Environment; analysis of consumer activity and behavior; target traffic analysis. Interaction with the audience: identification. Of the target audience. Effectively interact with subscribers and customers. In social networks; managing comments and reviews. Creation development and support of a positive brand image; maintaining groups in social networks. It’s part of the skill which you can indicate in your resume -specialist adding to them your other skills. Expanding your knowlge is always beneficial. For example you can take free courses “Basics” and “levels of content marketing” and then rely on them in your work. The courses are small consist.

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