How do you position your brand

How much do these factors affect reach? VERY MUCH. Lets analyze this block with a scription of the signal weights of the algorithm. act Effect Influence Like Positive . Repost Positive The user open the Tweet, replilik it, or stay there for more than minutes. Positive eleven The user open the profile, went to the tweet, likrepli to it Positive Reply to a tweet comment or replay, as they are call Positive A user comment on a tweet and you repli to them Positive User his tweetauthor, blocks it Negative.

Complain about a tweet Negative

A user who clicks on your tweet and stays there for more than minutes gets times more weight than someone who just likes your tweet. If he visits your profile through your tweet and likesreplies to the tweet = times more than a normal like. If he Indonesia Phone Number List replies to your tweet? times more than like. If they reply to your tweet and will you reply to their reply? times more than like. That is, I ma a thread about SMM, points. Users enter it, like it, read it. I answer them for their answers = GIANT COVERAGE. Just incrible. Complain about a tweet gives an effect equal to – like effect. It is not entirely clear whether all complaints are taken into account or not.

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The Twitter algorithm has a special

Condition for “government calls” . That is, it is literally written that, at the request of the authorities, visibility can be chang. The algorithm ruces B2C Database the relevance of a tweet by every hours. How many tweets to post effectively? The system has a rank parameter Tweepcr. This is an analogue of Google PageRank, which works to rank pages in search results. What does he do. Each Twitter account has its own assessment, roughly speak, the karma of the account. It pends on the quantity and quality of his.

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