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Ampjar blogcolla borative-marketing-guide Lego X Netflix “Stranger Things” Original Series like Stranger Things of “NETFLIX” that creat a phenomenon that became famous. receiv attention from “Lego” to collaborate in creating Stranger that are the beginning of all stories in the Lego style until becoming a collection that receives the attention of a group of customers. double And it’s consider Lego’s new target group ever, teenagers and older children. Because the series targets the age range of – years, which is different from Lego’s target group, which is mostly children ag to years.

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LEGO X Stranger Things Source hope.th Adobe X Billie Belarus WhatsApp Number List Eilish Digital graphic design SaaS marketplace Adobe collaborat with one of America’s hottest female singers, Billie Eilish, in a marketing campaign titl “Create what’s true.” for you” invites students to use “Adobe Creative Cloud” products at a discount of up to %. It is a collaboration between brands and people with similar target groups. That is a group of teenagers, students, students who want to unleash their imagination and creativity.

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Adobe X Billie Eilish In fact, there are many B2C Database brands that collab together in marketing. This type of marketing is quite interesting. that all readers can try to plan and adapt to benefit both parties, including the greatest mutual benefit is what is offer to the consumer y % in months. days etc. . Set a budget The last point that is consider one of the most important is the budget. Any planning if unable to identify a budget that is suitable and beneficial to the business. It’s hard for management to approve and that will eventually make your work run out of efficiency. So, once you’ve got all the conclusions, it’s time to come up with a budget plan.

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