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Can become one of which category the product belongs to. If a product is low involvement (Low Involvement Product), it inevitably comes with a product that is not too expensive, for example : snacks, toothbrushes, shampoo, but if the product is expensive, the purchase decision process will take an extra long time, and that is often the case with Products that are highly involv (High Involvement Product) sure enough, such as cars, mobile phones, housing, various insurance. the value it delivers The higher the price of the product, the more customers will have to look at the value that the product provides. which is an indispensably link factor, especially.

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With Products that are highly involv (High Kuwait WhatsApp Number List Involvement Product) and that is a strategy that many brands use to position their products with premium brands such as luxury jewelry. Luxury clothing, luxury cars, etc. after sales service There is absolutely no way that customers who buy products in this group will not pay attention to after-sales service. Because if you promote the product very well but the background is mess up, the customer will probably lose % confidence, wasting money and wasting time buying.

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Provoke thought and encourage

High Involvement Product It is inevitable that B2C Database the customer service is good in front of, during and after the customer has paid for your purchase. If your service is bad, it will be spread in a bad way that it may become a disaster for the brand. Play is even more important with B B businesses, which are mostly service-bas businesses that cannot be ignor at this point. marketing communication With products that are relatively high in price, the more you ne to be market through various channels. To understand and build customer trust with useful information.

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