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In the month of June, repressive actions were carri out, includ arrests, fines and house searches. The Cuban economy, state, private or self-employ, pends on international tourism, remittances, mical missions and any activity that guarantees the income of foreign currency. Covid- has curb tourism and creas remittances, perhaps because many Cubans abroad may have lost their jobs. In July, the government announc new economic measures, among which the surpris open of stores for the exclusive use of freely convertible currency(MLC). The stores, belong to the FAR economic conglomerate, appear full of products that had been in short supply for weeks, which outrag the population.

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With the concept of equality there are stores and products for those who have relatives abroad who send them foreign currency and there are shortages Sweden Phone Number List for those who chose to stay in Cuba and do not have relatives resid in capitalist nations. sperate for foreign currency, especially the dollar, the government impos new economic measures whose consequences seem to punish those Cuban families who did not abandon the Revolution. Today, the harshness of everyday life makes the energy to think about other issues disappear. The urgent, solv the day to day, takes everyth ahead. Perhaps that is why covid- is not among the headlines.

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Does not seem to be a serious public health problem in Cuba as it is in Brazil, Mexico or Argentina. The most immiate consequence is that, in Cuba, the hierarchy of the Arm Forces continues to ensure its privileges, now exalt thanks to health B2C Database tasks. Thanks to the economic difficulties link to covid-, the FAR reinforces its economic power, while the Cubans, whom the Revolution came to liberate, survive conmn to shortages and endless queues .As can be seen, this is a complex issue that involves multiple transformations and simultaneous adjustments in.

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