Months of the year For meweekdays

My workdaysfrom pm to pm . I rarely spoke to anyone during that time. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are wellness days where I’ll be playing Ultimate or tennis or going for a run. Weekends and nights are reserv for family and friends. Some peoplelike my good friend Andrew Youderianwork hard all year and then relax. Your burners are not linear you can get more out of each burner by throwing it all in in a short period of time than if all burners were running at the same time. Can high achievers lead balanc lives? family At the end of the daylife is all about tradeoffs. You can’t have everythingbut if you tryyou can come close.

The secret is figuring out when enough

Enough¬† My biggest struggle is re- guessing whether I’m reaching my best potential at work and in business. After allI’m confident that if I put all my chips downI can create an -figure or even a -figure businessbut what do I have to give Latvia WhatsApp Number List up? NowI have a fulfilling job and I make more money than I spend. As far as my current burner setup is concernI’m happy with digit businesses. Business success is easy to measurebut parenting is not. So I chose to focus on family. What is your burner priority? let me know If you’re having trouble deciding between WooCommerce or Shopify this article will give you clear criteria to help you decide.

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Specifically well take a deep

Dive into both platforms and answer the following questions Which shopping cart is easier to use? Which cart offers more flexibility and plugins? Which B2C Database platform costs more? Which platform provides better support? Which shopping cart is more scalable and easier to maintain? All analyses express in this article are bas on practical experience building profitable WooCommerce and Shopify stores from scratch and actually running real stores on these platforms.

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