Ship a very light package from California

You read it right. Ship a package from China to the US for just Just for funI open the USPS website to see how much it would cost to¬† to China and here’s what I found. USPS to China Shipping the mouthguard to China costs . But shipping from China to California from a Chinese supplier that costs less than This huge difference in shipping costs makes AliExpress. Dropshipping a viable business. Using our mouthguard example aboveyou could sell a snoring mouthguard for and pay a Chinese supplier on an order of (including shipping) to ship it directly to customers in the US. That’s a profit with zero upfront risk Why AliExpress Dropshipping is Dead AliExpress Dropshipping RIP But thanks to President.

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Pressure on the outdat-year-old treaty known as the Universal Postal Union . As you can see from my simple example of a snoring mouthguarde. Packet shipping offers China a huge one- way advantage over the US in terms of shipping costs . This has result in a lot Guatemala WhatsApp Number List of cheap Chinese junk being sold to the US over the years. As a result of negotiations with the Universal Postal Unionthe USPS will now charge higher rates for packages from all international destinations not just China. These higher fees will pretty much destroy any profits you can make through AliExpress dropshipping . Snoring mouthguards shipp from China now cost . instead of with little margin for profit. Say goodbye.

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AliExpress shipping When will the price increase

Update on UPU negotiations () UPU Negotiations Many of you have been emailing me asking for an update to the US agreement with the Universal B2C Database Postal Union (UPU) as the time frame for the price increase has not been set at the time of this post. As of September the Unit States and the UPU have reach a compromise not to withdraw from the union. Howeverthe US is now free to impose a self-declar rate on the distribution of mail from all foreign countriesincluding China.

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