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Everything has a price. If you want to spend more time with your familyfriendsor focus on your healthguess what? Your business will not be as successful because there are only so many hours in the day. We are all forc to make choicesbut decisions are never easy. Would you rather live an unbalanc life where you kick ass in a certain area? Would you rather live a life that is balanc but never maximizes your full potential? I ask myself these questions almost every day because I know I can’t have it all ) But it all depends on your priorities in life . What do you value most? Is it familyfriendship or work? my top burner – my family family My biggest concern is my family.

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Nowmy kids are like small businesses and they ne a lot of my time . Ironicallythings were much easier when they were newborns. As much as babies Japan WhatsApp Number List ne itthey require far less brain power . In factI kind of miss the younger days when I couldn’t walk or talk. Back in the good old daysI didn’t have to make sure they were ucat and I didn’t have to drive them to so many activities. Over the yearsI have spent a good part of my time coaching their volleyball and basketball teams and helping them with their homework and Russian math. But it was a conscious choice I made a long time ago.

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My goal with the kids is to never miss any of their activities because it makes a big difference. When I was a kidmy parents work most of the time. While B2C Database I appreciate all the hard work they put into raising me and sending me to a good collegeI wish we had more time together when we were younger. Children pay attention to the little things. If you miss a football game or an important eventyour absence will stay in their memory forever.


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