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Central California. My parents were divorc and unable to negotiate with each other. If ucation had not been free when I went to university, I would not have been able to attend and have access to university and the vocation that, fortunately, I have. I have been acutely aware, throughout my teaching career at the University of California, of the difference between the essentially free ucation I had access to in the s and the extremely expensive, overcrowd, and degrad ucation of today. Even so, the university is a place of social struggle. It is really important that we fight for pay and conditions for those at the bottom of the hierarchy and to protect what is left of public universities.

Even at a time when they are mostly

Fully privatiz. But I also think it is very important to think about what the university could be in terms of ucation for democracy, and that does not always mean teaching what one wants or is interest in, or what is innovative. It is time for the left to join the center Portugal WhatsApp Number List to think about the place of universities in the work of ucating for the future, and not only through specialization and in STEM fields, not only through the protection of fields under coercion, such as special languages ​​and poetry.

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All of that is important but we

Have to take into account what we really think college students ne to know, and how we can get a seat at the table in shaping the curricular and specialization thresholds for that project, rather than just being on the defensive about our academic freom, our freom B2C Database of speech, and our right to teach whatever classes we want to teach. We have to see the degradation of higher ucation as our problem. our freom of expression and our right to teach the classes we want to teach.

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