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Too big because it of the business plan (Business Plan). . Analysis of target customers The basic research or market survey is to find out who your business target audience is. This will help you to understand your customers’ nes and market more easily. And that means you ne to understand the Persona of the customer group and target group better than just information about gender, age, ucation, income, career such as life goals, motivation, challenges, etc. . Competitor Analysis In addition to understanding your target audience. It is also necessary to understand and know your competitors.

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To see what the competitors in the market have to Argentina WhatsApp Number List offer, what is their market position? What is the market share? how is the price who is the customer group In order to plan your marketing better than the competition itself. . Determination of competitive strategies in the market The essential information for doing business is how you will penetrate the market with strategies. This does not refer to the full Max marketing strategy at this stage. But it is a strategy that is bas on a marketing mix (Marketing Mix), many people may be familiar with the term defining Ps and Ps, etc. . Budgeting The indispensable thing that affects marketing planning is the budget.

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We are talking about both the cost that is both the B2C Database wages of the team. Cost requir to implement a marketing program Hiring an agency team Advertising expenses organizing activities That must be calculat together with the management and finance team to see how much it’s worth creating opportunities for businesses. . Determination of marketing channels Before getting to the last thing to prepare is planning a marketing channel. You ne to prepare a list of channels to promote your products and services.

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