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Jamie Murphy (Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge) then spoke about the terminological challenges fac by the doctoral student who wants to write a thesis in Irish when dealing with theoretical terminology in other languages ​​- should those specific terms always be translat into Irish or would it be better to stick to the term us by the author in the original language and give an explanation in Irish? It was then heard fromCormac Breathnach (Foras na Gaeilge) who explain the approach of the itorial team of An Fócór Nua English-Irish to coining new terms.

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In a paper entitl ‘Ar tóir an cèpência réalaiht’ Colm Ó Ciardubháin (Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge) gave a glimpse of the synonymous terms ‘scuabádóir’ and ‘cosantóir le cois’ which are Irish versions of the sports concept sweeper . Colm opin that France Phone Number List the choice of Irish term that writers make is relat to the goal of the text in general. In the second session, Máire Feertéar , a member of the Terminology Committee, about the changes she has notic in the vocabulary of the Gaeltacht speech during this time. Dara de Poire , a doctoral student in Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge, present the subject of his thesis – of teachers in Irish schools towards the new terminology of the Irish language.

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An insight into the professional translator’s B2C Database  approach to terminology was gain in the last talk of the session, as PJ Mac Gabhann (Aonad na Gaeilge, Council of the European Union) explain the practice in place in his Unit to foster terminological coherence in long shar documents . Gearóid Ó Clercín talking about the terminology in the context of a pandemic It was Pádraig Ó Mianáin , itor of the New English-Irish Dictionary , who start the last session of the symposium focusing on the differences between that dictionary and term.

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