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Emails that are directly applicable to each customer segment . Click here to register for Klaviyo for free Disadvantages of Klaviyo Craveyo’s Weaknesses Although I think Klaviyo is the best email marketing platform for ecommerce stores , it does have some glaring weaknesses. First of all, Klaviyo is best us for e-commerce stores, not blogs . Don’t get me wrong, you can communicate with your blog through Klaviyo, but it lacks many of the features I’ll list below . Also, Klaviyo is expensive compar to other email marketing providers . However, the additional income that Klaviyo brings to you can mitigate the add cost.

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Triple your income overnight! Today, Klaviyo accounts for about of my sales. Click here to register for Klaviyo for free Claviyo Pricing Claviyo Pricing The great thing about Klaviyo is that up to subscribers can join for free . But once you cross that threshold, you Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List have to pay. At lower subscriber tiers, Klaviyo starts at just month, but the price rises quickly as more subscribers are add. It’s significantly more expensive compar to traditional “non-ecommerce” email marketing providers . For example, , subscribers on Klaviyo cost per month, while , subscribers on ConvertKit (my recommend blog provider) cost per month . But price growth per subscriber is not linear.

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Per month, and ConvertKit costs per month. Overall, if the number of subscribers increases, Klaviyo will cost twice as much as a traditional email marketing platform design for bloggers and content creators . Therefore, Klaviyo is not a good economical choice B2C Database for blog or content bas sites. However, when compar to other ecommerce email marketing providers, Klaviyo is on par with the competition (and sometimes even cheaper). For example, Drip costs month for , subscribers compar to Klaviyo’s month . But with , subscribers, Drip costs per month, while Klaviyo costs per month.

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