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Of the terminology and the first half is spent discussing theory. Basic principles, international case studies and the case of Irish itself. When the students have acquir a good knowlge of these topics, they turn towards. The application of the theory and basic principles by asking the students to develop their own collection of terminology. Each student has a specific topic to choose and their goal is to find 10 new.  Concepts that have never been translat into Irish within that technical field.

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They have to put together reliable information Armenia Phone Number List about. Each new term – definition, example of usage, etc. And, Students use Terminologue to it and share their collections with teaching staff. The students are train in the use of Terminologue and in the layout of terms.  Sources, examples and other information within a terminology entry. As for the specific topics themselves, it is always interesting to see the themes that students choose. year after year – industry, certain genres of music, different games such as American football and the UFC – and others that are seen only once.

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This task shows every year that there are B2C Database still plenty of gaps to be fill in. The lexical and terminological corpus of Irish even in areas that would be. Thought to be quite develop because they are often discuss through Irish eg rugby and computing. Fortunately, two people who undertook this module this year have spent a summer internship with Gaois and they were happy to write a little bit for this blog about the topics they chose themselves, the gaps they found in the terminology sources and the new terms they are proposing. Brian – Cycling Terms For the practical part of this module we had to create a database of 10 terms on Terminologue.

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