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Renew and improve the company’s various offers. Here, it may be good to take into account the average number of months customers subscribe before opting out. Is the average four months? Then you can start from secure income for a period of four months in the future. Benefits for the customer Customers who subscribe usually do this in order to receive goods in a simple and stress-free way. The goods usually appear in the letterbox every month, whether they are vitamins, razors or something else. Other benefits that often come with subscription schemes are price discounts, free shipping or the like. The customer will receive the goods he nees, but with the least possible effort and for the lowest possible sum.

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Do you want to implement subscription schemes in the online store? With subscription schemes in your eCommerce business, you can strengthen customer relations, facilitate loyal customers and get a stable income. At the same time, you will be able to save USA Phone Number List money on both marketing, shipping and purchasing. If you want to implement a subscription scheme, we can, among other things, recommend Shopify’s new Subscription API or other extensions that open up subscriptions on eCommerce platforms. Contact us at Moo Gruppen if you have any questions!How to succee with online sales in 2021? Whether you operate in online sales or have a physical store, 2021 has undoubtely been a different year.

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With the corona pandemic, many brick-and-mortar stores have had to close due to economic downturns, while online stores tend to see a marke increase in sales. shopping online rather than in store, due to the risk of infection and advice from the authorities B2C Database about social distancing. This has le to increase competition for consumers between online stores., yes, it may be smart to invest in eCommerce instead. And if you already have an online store, it’s good to know how you can best prepare it for the festive season,. We will now take a closer look at how you can succee with online sales in 2021! Follow our tips and make sure your competitors don’t hijack all the customers.

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